Shoot Like A Girl Launches Hunt Like A Girl Program

Shoot Like A Girl has expanded its business to include the Hunt Like A Girl program, which exposes more women to hunting in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. With help from corporate sponsors, Shoot Like A Girl takes their mission to the next level by giving women an opportunity to partake in the hunting experience with guidance from an all-female staff.

“Hunt Like A Girl came to life earlier this year and expands on the company’s mission to empower women to participate in shooting sports,” said Karen Butler, founder and president of Shoot Like A Girl. “Hunting is a natural progression of the shooting sports, and this program empowers women with confidence by taking them into the field to experience nature and ultimately put food on the table for themselves and their families.”

To date, the Hunt Like A Girl program has introduced new and inexperienced hunters to the sport through four unique hunting experiences — and a number of others are planned throughout the remainder of 2021, with more in 2022 and beyond.

“We introduce women to the shooting sports at our live, in-person trailer events, but with this hunting component, we’re able to take them outside into the wilderness,” said Christa Forrester, Shoot Like A Girl chief of staff. “Being able to guide these women in their early hunting experiences helps plant the seed for the next generation to get into the field and take on hunting themselves.”


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Source: NRA’s Shooting Industry Magazine