The author's friend, Tiffany Venters, is a great example of a mother who instills in her daughters a healthy understanding of firearms by allowing them to explore a variety of shooting sports, and by bringing them to the range when she and her husband run local events.

The shooting sports are easily stigmatized, simply because so many people don’t understand what they are about. Despite the fact that more people compete in the shooting sports than golf, people still like to assume that the shooting sports are a “fringe group.” However, we are far from “out of touch” or “gun nuts.”


When we see moms who knock out the daily grind, who think outside the box, who bend over backwards for their families, we cheer each other on … #Momgoals. But in this social-media infected world that we live in, we are bombarded by pressure to conform to the expectations of others. However, August is National Shooting Sports Month, and we can all extol the virtues of bringing others to the range and sharing what the shooting sports mean to us personally. There is one person who plays a very real role in anyone’s exposure to shooting sports, or any sport really. That person is your mom!


The author and her son Andrew show off their Caribbean Open medals.


As mothers, we can change the perceptions that others have of firearms and shooting sports. We can teach our families, children and friends not to judge someone or their passions before understanding the “why” behind them. This inclusivity will also influence the future generations our kids will eventually raise!


Mom is the ultimate influencer. I challenge you to go out and influence by embracing the shooting sports that you and your family want to participate in. Show the uninformed through your actions that you know something they don’t. Teach your children to be strong and capable and up for adventure. Teach them that safety and self-sufficiency are great skills that don’t require the approval of strangers on the internet.

Ways to Participate in the Shooting Sports with Your Family:Mark, Andrew and Becky Yackley

  • Attend a 4H event.
  • Volunteer at your local range or a match.
  • Sign your kids up for a competition shooting sports camp.
  • Bring your daughter or mom friends to a ladies night at the range.
  • Sign up for a match with your family; Steel Challenge is a very simple one that only requires a .22 and a few magazines! It can even be a .22 rifle.
  • Download targets for your next family get-together and let the kids shoot BB guns.
  • Go to a class at your local range or gun shop.
  • Take an online class.
  • Listen to a shooting podcast while you drive.
  • Watch training videos with your family!


The author with husband Mark and son Andrew


Source: NRA Women