FN America, supplier of military-grade firearms world-wide, is happy to announce an updated SCAR 20S, now in 6.5 Creedmoor for 2020. The SCAR 20S is the long-range version of the SCAR rifle series, originally chambered for 7.62 NATO.


Like the original, the 6.5mm version has a longer handguard and 20-inch barrel, as well as a fully adjustable side-folding stock. The new 20S also has the Geissele Super SCAR match two-stage trigger with a pull of about 4 pounds and a SureFire ProComp 2-port muzzle brake.


The only major difference is that the 6.5mm model has a slightly heavier barrel profile without a step down before the muzzle. The SCAR 20S will be offered with FN’s flat dark earth color scheme as well as in all black.


The 6.5mm SCAR 20S is also priced the same as the 7.62mm version at $4,499. And while that price is intimidating, these rifles are still highly sought after by premium rifle enthusiasts. So despite the price tag these will sell and anyone interested in owning one should be ready put their cash down fast because it could be a while before the next batch hits the market.

The FDE and black models share the same suggested retail pricing and will likely sell for close to retail if not at full price. Each rifle ships with one 10-round steel magazine.


Other features include a monolithic receiver with a full-length 6- and 12-o’clock rails for optics and other accessories, as well as two extended rail sections at the front of the rifle on both sides. The stock is adjustable for length of pull as well as cheek height and sports a short bottom rail for use with monopods.

The 6.5mm models have FN’s famous cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrels for an extended service life and use the same proven short-stroke gas piston system the SCAR series is renown for.

All in the 6.5 Creedmoor SCARs weigh just over 11 pounds unloaded and measure in at just under 43 inches long with the stock fully extended.