The Associated Press is reporting that president Joe Biden is going to pull the nomination of David Chipman for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Chipman was picked specifically because he is a dogged advocate for tougher gun laws. Chipman, a former ATF agent, currently serves as the senior policy advisor for the anti-gun organization Giffords.

Apart from maybe Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg, the Biden Administration couldn’t have selected a more anti-gun prospect for the position.

Letting Chipman run the ATF would be putting the proverbial fox in charge of the hen house.

Details as to why the Biden administration is now nixing his nomination have yet to come to light. But to say that Chipman was a flawed candidate would be an understatement.

Apart from fierce resistance from pro-gun GOP lawmakers, Chipman insulted gun owners, refused to define the term “assault weapons during a Senate committee hearing,” allegedly said racist remarks about coworkers, and may have even lost his duty gun while working for the agency.



Source: GunsAmerica Digest